Wood Grain Aluminum Trim Coil

/ Wood Grain Aluminum Trim Coil

JINHU provides wood grain aluminum trim coil for decorative aluminum products, which require simple maintenance to obtain the appearance of the wood grain. We have many wood grain aluminum products including MAPLE, RED WALNUT, TRAK, OAK, SPIELE.

Wood grain aluminum coil
Wood grain aluminum coil

Wood grain aluminum roll

  • Brand: JINHU
  • Product origin: Shandong Province,China
  • Delivery time: 15-20 days
  • Supply capacity: 15000 tons/month

The use of solid wood for interior walls, windows, and doors became very popular. But natural wood absorbs water faster than any other material, which means faster damage. To prevent wood damage, homeowners need to paint every four to five years. This is very troublesome and unhealthy.

Wood grain decoration

The wood grain aluminum coil have been adjusted and painted to mimic natural wood grain, gradually replacing solid wood. This method of wood grain coating at Lu Shang allows us to provide a similar appearance to solid wood at a lower cost. It also offers the wear resistance of aluminum and the softness of wood in places with high traffic.

The wood pattern finishes can be similar to the appearance of natural wood to make the residents feel close to nature. Create a peaceful and healing environment within the building to help the owner relax. Research has shown that connection to nature can help improve cognitive function, creativity, and happiness.

These aluminum coil not only resemble natural wood but are thermally modified to provide insulation and improve energy efficiency. The aluminum can be recycled after it reaches its useful life. Aluminum is easy to bend, which is very installation-friendly.

After installation, aluminum products require minimal maintenance. Jinhu’s aluminum-wood ornamentation does not expand or curl, it is scratch and corrosion-resistant, and is not affected by moisture and insects.

Wood finishes are suitable for indoor and outdoor decoration, ideal for handrails, fences, doors, interior wall panels, shutters, garages, and outdoor walls.

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