Diamond shaped embossed aluminum roll

/ Diamond shaped embossed aluminum roll

What is diamond embossed aluminum coil?

The surface of the diamond embossed aluminum coil increases the friction and enhances the appearance. Diamond shaped aluminum coils provide a strong, non-slip, maintenance-free surface that makes staircases, ramps, vehicles, and walking safer, especially when there is standing water. Embossment aluminum coils appear to provide protection for bumpers, walls, docks, columns, toolboxes, etc. Today, the diamond shaped embossed aluminum roll is also used for house decoration. It is used in modern industrial style interior decoration as a baffle or wall surface covering.

Diamond shaped embossed aluminum roll

Embossed aluminum roll

Max width:1400mm
standard width:1200mm
Thickness: 0.17 mm – 0.70 mm
Features:Non-slip, beautiful

Product Introduction

There are two basic methods for making rhombus embossed aluminium coils – stamping and rolling.

Stamping Diamonds

Sheet metal presses press smooth metal plates to create raised diamond patterns. As the aluminum moves along the line, the stamping machine continues to press the next section of the sheet until the entire coil is pressed. At the end of the line, the stamped aluminum is rolled back together.

Rolling diamonds

Most aluminum embossing is made through the rolling process. The heated metal is gradually compressed by pairs of heavy rollers to form the desired thickness and cross section. Rhombus aluminum can be manufactured at the end of the rolling process with a raised rhombus pattern on the surface of one of the rollers. Keeping the other side smooth facilitates installation.

Production capacity of coated aluminum coil:

Alloy:A3003, A1100, A8011 etc
Aluminum thickness: 0.02mm~0.80 mm
Aluminum max width:1600mm
Standard width:1240mm(1300mm、1520mm、1570mm、1595mm)
Coil’s standard diameter:1200mm
Interior diameter:150mm,405mm or 505mm
weight:2.5T/coil 3.0 T/coil
Gloss: Meet the customer requirement
Total coating thickness:PVDF coating: more than 25 micron
Polyester coating: more than 18 micron
Coating hardness (pencil hardness) More than 2H
Coating adhesive : No lower than first grade
Impact resistance: No cracking and peeling (50kg/cm ,ASTMD-2794:1993)
Flexibility (T-bend): 2T
MEK resistance:More than 100
Bottom side aluminum sheet is coated with protective polyester material:thickness more than 6 micron

Product picture display:

Diamond shaped embossed aluminum roll
Diamond shaped embossed aluminum roll01