Color Coated Aluminum Coil with PE Coating

/ Color Coated Aluminum Coil with PE Coating

What is PE color coated aluminum coil?

PE color coated aluminum coil, also known as polyester coated aluminum roll. It is popular for its excellent gloss, smoothness and excellent texture and feel. Polyester coating has decorative protective properties, mostly used to protect objects from ultraviolet and harsh environment erosion.

Blue aluminum coil

Blue Aluminum Coil with PE

Color Difference:ΔE≤1.5
Gloss Difference:≤5
Coating Thickness:≥16µm
Pencil Hardness:HB

Product Introduction

PE color coated aluminum coil advantages

Aluminum decorative coils are rich in color

There are rich colors for you to choose from. Common colors are white, black, brown, copper, gold, red, blue, purple and so on. Rich colors make aluminum rolls ideal for a variety of applications.

  • The environmental protection
  • It does not corrode, and the aluminum material does not produce bacteria or release any toxic gases. In addition, it is resistant to salt, alkali and acid rain. Because it does not rust, it has great recycling value.
  • Strong decorative effect
  • Its kind some imitate wood grain, stone grain appearance of PE aluminum coil, become many people’s choice. Various patterns provide customers with a wide range of personality choices.
  • Super weather resistance
  • High light retention, good color stability, minimal color change. Polyester coated aluminum coils will not fade for at least 10 years,
  • Good bending strength
  • The PE coloured coated aluminium coil has the bending strength required for decorative materials. Wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation, expansion and so on.

Properties of PE Colour Coated Coil

Test Item>StandardNational standardTest Result
Color Difference>ECCA T3ΔE≤2.0ΔE≤1.5
Gloss Difference>ECCA T2≤10≤5
Coating Thickness>ECCA T1Min 14µm≥16µm
Pencil Hardness>ASTM D3363≥HBHB
T-bend>ASTM D4145≤3T≤2T
Adhesion>ASTM D3359Grade 0Grade 0
Impact>ASTM D2794≥≥
Boiling water Resistance>GB/T177482h no change2h no change
Solvent Resistance>ASTM D2248200 times paint remaining200 times paint remaining
Salt Resistance>ASTM B117720 hrs≤grade 1720hrs≤grade 1
Dirt Resistance>GB/T9780≤5%<5%
Color retainingGB/T16259600hrs △E≤2.0△E≤2.0
Gloss weaken Level600hrs ≤ grade 2600hrs ≤ grade 2Gloss weaken Level
Chalking600hrs No ChangeNo Change

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