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Aluminum Trim Coil Factory

China Jinhu Colortu Aluminum Co., LTD. Jinhu Aluminum Group through the ISO9001:2008 quality system certification of the factory.

JINHU Aluminum Group has three color coating aluminum coil factories: Shandong Jinhu Color coating Aluminum Co., LTD., Shandong Golden Sunshine Building Materials Co., LTD., And Shandong Baisheng Metal Technology Co., LTD.

  • Production capacity of coated aluminum coil.
  • Production line:16 high-speed automatic production lines.
  • Annual aluminum trim coil production: 150,000 tons.

JINHU Aluminum Trim Coil Manufacturers and Suppliers with high quality and low price advantage, to obtain a large number of overseas markets. The aluminum decorative coil produced by JINHU eliminates the problem of spalling and wins the praise of customers with good quality.

Aluminum trim coil for weatherproof and landscaping exterior surfaces. It has a rich decorative coil color, including black, white, brown, yellow, and so on, very many colors. Common sizes are 10, 14, and 24 inches.

JINHU Color coated aluminum trim coil Manufacturers and Suppliers quality control:

  • Color coating color and pigment are inseparable. Only when it is specially blended and evenly mixed can the color of the aluminum coil be smooth and beautiful. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the coating is not caked and the thickness is the same.
  • Defoaming agents must be added in the process of mixing coating, reduce the machine in the process of mixing foam. The best results will be obtained by adding in a certain proportion. Mix and let sit for a while before using.
  • In order to ensure the quality of the color-coated aluminum coil. When we choose an ordinary aluminum coil, we must choose a very smooth, complete shape of an aluminum coil. The high-precision assembly line can well avoid the scratches that may appear in the process of processing.
  • Regular inspection of the roller is very important, the roller controls the amount of paint. If there is any change in the amount of paint, the employee needs to find it immediately and use an aluminum trim coil Cutter for treatment.
  • Before coating, workers will evenly apply the coating on the coating roller with the cooperation of the computer. Only when the pressure of the coating roller is balanced can the coating thickness be uniform and consistent.

Painted aluminum coil

Color coated aluminum (Painted aluminum coil), the common polyester color coated aluminum (color coated aluminum coil), is widely used in aluminum honeycomb panels, aluminum ceilings, roof surfaces, and leftover materials. Its performance is very stable, and it is not easy to be corroded. Kind of new materials.

Color-coated aluminum coil coatings are divided into: polyester coated aluminum coil (PE), fluorocarbon coated aluminum coil (PVDF). The polyester coating formed by baking the surface of the aluminum plate for many times can form a continuous and firm adhesion. The solid film has protective decorative properties. It is a kind of anti-UV coating. The polyester resin uses the ester bond-containing high molecular polymer in the main chain as the monomer, and the alkyd resin is added. The ultraviolet absorber can be divided into sub-gloss and high-gloss series according to the gloss. It can impart rich colors to colored aluminum products, and has good gloss and smoothness, as well as superior texture and feel, and can also increase the sense of layering and three-dimensionality. It can protect objects from being exposed to the atmosphere and being attacked by ultraviolet rays, wind, rain, frost, snow and freezing; the coating can play a protective role due to temperature differences, freeze-thaw cycles, corrosive gases and microorganisms. Especially suitable for interior decoration and advertising boards.

Fluorocarbon Coated Painted aluminum coil(PVDF)

Fluorocarbon coating is PVDF resin mainly refers to the coating of vinylidene fluoride homopolymer or copolymer of vinylidene fluoride and other small amounts of fluorine-containing vinyl monomers. The chemical structure of the fluoric acid base material is combined with a fluorine/carbon bond. The stability and firmness of this chemical structure make the physical properties of fluorocarbon coatings different from ordinary coatings. In addition to the mechanical properties of wear resistance, impact resistance has excellent performance, especially in the harsh climate and environment shows long-term fading resistance, anti-ultraviolet performance. After being grilled at high temperature to form a film, the molecular structure in the coating is tight and has super weather resistance. Fluorocarbon coatings can be divided into traditional fluorocarbon and nano fluorocarbon coatings according to the surface film formation structure. In 1965, Pennwalt Chemical Company of the United States first used fluorocarbon coatings to meet the coating of high-end architectural indoor and outdoor aluminum materials. The wide range of color choices, the solemn appearance of the United States, and the durability have added luster to many magnificent curtain wall buildings around the world. The coating manufacturer’s guarantee for the service life of the coating started from 10 years, and developed from 15 years to more than 20 years. American research institutes have conducted tests and comparisons on fluorocarbon coatings, super coatings, and general coatings. The coated samples were exposed to hot sunlight in Florida, USA, and exposed to the harsh environment of humid salty air 12 In 2015, it was proved that the stability and durability of fluorocarbon coatings were 30 and 80% higher than that of the other two coatings. The fluorocarbon coatings can be used in various harsh environments.



There is no composite high temperature indentation on the surface. There is no residual stress on the board surface and no deformation after shearing.


Painted with wood grain and stone grain, there is a realistic sense of substance and a vivid natural beauty. The patterns are made at random, giving customers a wide range of individual choices, which can enrich the humanistic connotation of the product and give people more beautiful enjoyment.

Weather resistance:

The paint pattern formed by continuous coating and high-temperature baking has high gloss retention, good color stability, and minimal color difference. Polyester paint is guaranteed for 10 years, and fluorocarbon paint is guaranteed for more than 20 years.


Use high-quality aluminum, plastics and adhesives, and use advanced composite technology. The product has the required flexural and flexural strength for decorative panels. In the four-season climate, changes in wind pressure, temperature, humidity and other factors will not cause bending, deformation, expansion, etc.

Environmental protection:

It is resistant to salt-alkali and acid rain, it will not corrode itself and produce toxins, will not release any toxic gas, will not cause corrosion of the keel and fixed parts, and it is flame retardant. Not lower than B1 level according to national regulations.

It is especially suitable for the decoration and display of indoor and outdoor decoration in public places, commercial chains, exhibition advertisements, etc.


Color-coated aluminum coil has a rich color range, whether it is for civil residences, large-scale commercial outlets or large-scale exhibition centers, color-coated aluminum coils can add color to it. Good plasticity and machining properties make it an ideal material for various architectural shapes. Color-coated aluminum coils have provided architects, designers and owners with a personalized color space for exterior walls and ceilings, and are also the most ideal material for architectural modeling. Whether it is a multi-functional large-scale building or a unique and creative new-style building, the color-coated aluminum coil can always meet the different requirements of modern and classical architectural styles, making the building more colorful. The products are used in many fields such as electronic appliances, instrumentation, lighting, packaging, home decoration and so on.

The product uses a wide range: construction (aluminum composite panel, aluminum honeycomb, roof corrugated board, fireproof veneer, aluminum ceiling, shutters, rolling door, garage door, awning, falling gutter), electronic appliances (computer case, electrical panel) , Lighting, furniture, solar reflectors, air-conditioning ducts, etc.